The Sellers Guide to Property Auctions

Our auctions provide several advantages to our clients

More Exposure

Working in partnership with our local partner agent we can provide both local exposure while also marketing to a wider audience. Our auctions sell properties all over Ireland and the UK and we will advertise your property online and in print media in both Ireland and the UK. Our marketing campaigns are continuously running and your property will benefit significantly from this.

No Sale, No Fee

We are the only auction company in Ireland who do not charge an upfront fee for marketing and entry into the auction. Other providers charge €1500 - €2000 + vat for the marketing campaign while we cover the costs ourselves and work on a no sale, no fee basis.

Agreed Minimum Reserve

Before bringing your property to the market, we will agree a fair minimum Reserve with you. This is the minimum figure the property can sell for and gives you control and peace of mind in the process. This is a private figure which is not disclosed to the public.

Starting Bids Price

As the Reserve is a private figure, we also agree a Starting Bids Price which is slightly below the agreed reserve. This is the figure we will look to take bids from and parties will need to increase their bids to the reserve price or above to secure the property.

Auction Methods

We offer a flexible solution to suit all types of property sellers and purchasers:

Online Auction

We recommend all properties begin their marketing via our 30 - 45 day online auction. We market the properties heavily and potential purchasers can view the property as normal during this period. Interested parties can then bid via the online auction and all bids are made visible on the auction website. By bidding on the property, they are committing to signing contracts and pay the contract deposit immediately if the bid is accepted.

This online auction period allows the auction team to assess the interest and level of bidding and all bids are put forward to the Seller. Bids may be accepted by the Seller at any time during the online auction or alternatively the property may also be put forward to one of our Public Auction Events.

Public Auction Events

Our Public Auction Events are held regularly throughout the year. The Public Auctions are a great way of getting interested parties together and securing the highest bid. Our Public Auctions run at over 90% sold which was the highest success rate in Ireland last year.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my property going to sell?

There are two main components needed to maximise the chances of selling through auction; firstly a realistic seller and secondly great marketing exposure. With our marketing and unique pricing strategy we guarantee the best price in the current market for your property. If you decide to explore the auction route further, a member of the auction team will discuss the best pricing strategy and marketing route to ensure we maximise interest in your property.

Do I have to accept the highest bid?

Not necessarily, if at the end of the auction the Reserve has been met or exceeded, then the property is deemed sold. However, if the Reserve has not been met then it is a decision for the seller whether they will accept the highest bid or not.

Can I accept a bid before the end of the auction?

Yes, if you want to accept a bid prior to the end of the online auction or before the public auction event then that is your decision. By law we are required to make you aware of all bids. It will then be up to you to consider and you may decide to accept the bid.

How quickly will I have to move out?

Generally, the buyer will have 28 days to close the sale after the deposit is paid. However there can be some flexibility to this where necessary.

Legal documentation

The legal pack will be required by potential bidders and is prepared before the property is sold by auction. The legal pack includes copies of title documents, contracts for sale, BER certificate and other relevant information.